The Shang Shung Institute Art Series is glad to present our winner and runner ups
for this year's painting & drawing competition: The Water Hare.
All submissions have been of high quality and we are honored you all could participate,

Overall Winner:                           Ugyen Dorji from Bhutan.


Winner of Best Technique:    Valentina Zegaglia from Italy.


Winner of Most Original:          Helen Miller from the U.K.

Helen_Mills_The Heart Of The Water Hare Flows Right Through You

All submissions (click on image to see in large):

Nick Dudka is a thangka artist from Buryatia.

His desire to understand the profound art of religious painting lead Nick to travel al lot — first to Mongolia, and then to Nepal and India, where he studied different techniques and continued to refine his thangka painting skills with great masters in those regions.

In 1995, Nick arrived to Dharamsala, India where he met his main thangka teacher, Gen Sangye Yeshe, personal thangka artist of HH the XIV Dalai Lama. Back then, Gen Sangye Yeshe no longer accepted students, but seeing Nick’s drawing changed his mind and decided to accept Nick as a student. Given this unique opportunity, Nick worked so intensely and in 1.5 years he mastered the skills of a 5 year course and received a diploma of the traditional Buddhist painting Men-ri style. Besides thangka art, Nick also studied Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan Language.

We are very honored to have him as a judge this year and thank him for his time and collaboration with the Shang Shung Institute, UK. Thank you Nick!

Thank you for your precious participation. We hope to have more events like this every year.