The London Institute of Tibetan Studies

The London Institute of Tibetan Studies was established in 2010 and focuses on the study of Tibetan culture through academic lectures, short courses and online study programmes which cover the Five Great Fields of Knowledge: Art, Medicine, Language & Grammar, Logic and Meditation / Buddhist Studies.Please see our Events Calendar for further details of our upcoming events and courses and our Activities Report for information on past events.

The International Shang Shung Institute

The International Shang Shung Institute was founded in 1989 by Professor Namkhai Norbu and inaugurated in 1990 at Merigar, Italy by His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. It is a non-profit cultural organisation which aims to sustain and preserve Tibetan culture.

The Institute takes its name from the ancient kingdom of Shang Shung, which prospered in the vast regions of Western and North Western Tibet more than 4,000 years ago and is considered to have been the source of the history and culture of Tibet.

Tibetan civilisation is one of the world’s greatest sources of spiritual knowledge that remains intact to this day, but there is now a real danger that this may be lost. The International Shang Shung Institute, therefore, endeavours to safeguard different aspects of Tibetan culture in order to keep it alive for future generations. Shang Shung organises courses, study seminars, conferences and exhibitions as well as translating original Tibetan texts into the major Western languages. It has a publications arm as well as an archive based in Italy and the Institute offers study grants to young Tibetans.

The central office of Shang Shung is based in Tuscany, Italy. Other branches are found in the UK, Austria, Argentina, Australia, Russia, Spain and the USA. The Institutes work in collaboration with academic institutions, universities, foundations and museums, and actively engages in increasing public awareness knowledge of Tibetan culture. Since 2018, the International Shang Shung Institute has been incorporated into the Atiyoga Foundation with its own department supporting Tibetan culture.

Shang Shung Institute UK, a non profit institute, connects people for the support of Tibetan and Himalayan culture in person & online.

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