Tibetan Alphabet Learning Tool - Wylie


Tibetan Alphabet Learning Tool - Wylie Transliteration System

Learn how to read, write and pronounce the Tibetan alphabet using the Wylie transliteration system, click on the letters below and watch the video's. Support this project: Click Here

The Thirty Consonants

High Tone

Mid Tone

Low Tone

Low Tone
Guttural 1 ka wylie 2 kha wylie 3 ga wylie 4 nga wylie
Palatal 5 ca wylie 6 cha wylie 7 ja wylie 8 nya wylie
Dental 9 ta wylie 10 tha Drajyor 11 da wylie 12 na wylie
Labial 13 pa wylie 14 pha wylie 15 ba wylie 16 ma wylie
Dental 18 tsha wylie 19 dza wylie 20 wa wylie
Low Tone 21 zha wylie 22 za wylie 23 'a wylie 24 ya wylie
Mid Tone 25 ra wylie 26 la wylie 27 sha wylie 28 sa wylie
High Tone 29 ha wylie 30 a wylie

Ka: Gutteral - Unaspirated High Tone

Kha: Gutteral - Aspirated Mid Tone

Ga - Gutteral Voiced Low Tone

Nga - Gutteral Nasal Low Tone

Ca - Palatal Unaspirated High Tone

Cha - Palatal Aspirated Mid Tone

Ja - Voiced Low Tone

Nya - Nasal Low Tone

Ta - Dental Unaspirated High Tone

Tha - Dental Aspirated Mid Tone

Da - Dental Voiced Low Tone

Na - Dental Nasal Low Tone

Pa - Labial Unaspirated High Tone

Pha - Labial Aspirated Mid Tone

Ba - Labial Voiced Low Tone

Ma - Labial Nasal Low Tone

Tsa - Dental Unaspirated High Tone

Tsha - Dental Aspirated Mid Tone

Dza - Dental Voiced Low Tone

Wa - Dental Nasal Low Tone

Zha - Low Tone Unaspirated High Tone

Za - Low Tone Aspirated Mid Tone

'A - Low Tone Voiced Low Tone

Ya - Low Tone Nasal Low Tone

Ra - Mid Tone Unaspirated High Tone

La - Mid Tone Aspirated Mid Tone

Sha - Mid Tone Voiced Low Tone

Sa - Mid Tone Nasal Low Tone

Ha - High Tone Unaspirated High Tone

A - High Tone Aspirated Mid Tone

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