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The London Institute of Tibetan Studies focuses on promoting the vitality of Tibet's unique legacy and exploring its relevance for the world today. Our activities encompass the Five Great Fields of Knowledge:

Art, Medicine, Language, Philosophy and Meditation / Buddhist Studies through academic lectures, short courses and online study programmes.

SSIUK Lecture Series

World class lectures from top experts in the field of Tibetan Studies

Courses & Events

Tibetan Language, Arts, Culture, Medicine, Meditation, and Buddhism.

Insight Tours

Taking you to the most important Buddhist sites around the world.

Insight Tours

Where Buddhist culture comes alive...

If you want to experience magical Myanmar from a myriad of perspectives this is the tour for you. The ten days were a fast moving kaleidoscope of wondrous events. Forget about the photos, I have found that the impressions themselves have left an indelible inner imprint that plays on in my imagination...

Louanne Richardson

 The tour was brilliantly organised to maximise our experiences and hotels well-chosen for charm and comfort

Stephen Greeneslade

Blog & Articles...

Read our blog and choose from a fascinating collection of articles on all manner of things relating to Tibetan culture and the wider Himalayan diaspora...

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