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Sacred Journey to Maratika, Nepal, 2024


Group photo at Muri La Pass by Lidian King In the middle of May I searched for a place to go in August when the Rogue Valley of South Oregon gets enveloped in toxic wildfire smoke. A link from Kunselling in Wales directed me to Shang Shung Institute, London, where Jamyang Oliphant of Insight Travels was offering…

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INSIGHT TOURS REPORT Author: Will Shea Full Photo Gallery: Click Here We arrived at the end of July and for the first two days we stayed in the southwestern city of Chengdu, (population around 14 million) to rest and adjust to the time zone after our long flights. The city has its charms, with a…

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Buddhist Burma Tour Report

Buddhist Burma 2015 On January 16 the twelve brave souls on the maiden trip organised by the Shang Shung Institute UK, met up at Yangon international airport. For the next ten days we visited ancient royal palaces, temples and pagodas, dusty modern downtowns, caves filled with statues, idyllic Lake Inley and the magnificent Irrawady river,…

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Ladakh 2015 – An Insight

LADAKH TOUR 2015 – An Insight… by Jamyang Oliphant and Maria Jimena Navarra Lake on the way to Nubra valley Due to its remoteness, Ladakh has preserved a very traditional and unique way of life. In fact there is a Ladakhi proverb which says: “The land is so barren and the passes so high that…

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Cambodian Adventure



Louanne Richardson

If you want to experience magical Myanmar from a myriad of perspectives this is the tour for you. The ten days were a fast moving kaleidoscope of wondrous events. Forget about the photos, I have found that the impressions themselves have left an indelible inner imprint that plays on in my imagination; the humour and sweetness of these poorest of people; their daily dedication to spiritual practice (our countless visits to pagodas and temples was the background perspective of our tour and the way in which we were able to feel the pulse of the people); the steadying influence of Paul, our Burmese tour guide, whose own practice and insights into both the Buddhist and political Myanmar history, as well as his intuitive 'grasp' of the needs of each member of our group was quietly impressive! And the elemental beauty of Pagan and Inley Lake, in contrast to the inevitable pollution of the cities, continue to leave me in a state of wonder.


Stephen Greenslade

The tour was brilliantly organised to maximise our experiences and hotels well-chosen for charm and comfort

Will Shea

The Kham tour was a deeply felt experience, which was still sinking in after our return to Chengdu.   It was wonderful to visit the places associated with Rinpoche's youth and other potent spots. These sites, the people, and the land itself make the whole region feel like a kind of bayul- hidden sanctuary. Jamyang proved to be a capable and compassionate guide without compromising his love of a good time. Despite long bus rides and variable amenities, this is an important and rewarding journey for anyone interested in the Dzogchen teachings. The special qualities of the places and the inability to visit some of our desired destinations suggest that a follow-up tour may be forthcoming.… keep August 2018 free in your calendars and await details!

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