Fish Release Practice and blessings lead by Drugu Choegyal Rinpoche.

🐟On May 26th 2023, save the lives of fish awaiting slaughter.

🐟In Tibetan this practice is known as 'tshe thar', life release. Here you can buy fish in Nepal. The fish will be blessed with mantras and given myong grol (liberation through tasting), precious substances that give the animals a good cause for higher future rebirth. It is customary to save a number of animals equal to your age. So for example a 25 year old would save 25 fish. However, you can choose to save any number of animals that you want. Since a human being can commit no greater transgression than taking the life of another living being, by implication, there is no greater source of accumulating merit than saving life.

 🐟While still in his mother's womb Choegyal Rinpoche was recognized by H.H.16th Gyalwa Karmapa as Choegyal Yonten Gyamtso, the present and 8th Dru-gu Choegyal incarnation in the Drukpa Kagyu lineage. Choegyal Rinpoche took refuge with the Most Venerable Sonam Tenzin and Kathog Getse and was enthroned at the age of four. He spent the subsequent years of his childhood in the Dru-gu region of Tibet, where, he says, "art, spiritual training and meditation practice were inseparable." Read morea about Drugu Choegyal Rinpoche here.

Drugu Choegyal Rinpoche Blessing Lungtas

 🐟NOTE: It is especially beneficial to save fish if the astrological aspect relating to one's life force or 'sog' is negative in the current year. This depends on your year of birth.

As advised in the astrological system devised by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, in this current year those who are particularly advised to save lives are those people born in the following years (beware that the Tibetan lunar year usually starts in February or March so you must check exactly in which year his birth is considered to have taken place in):

🐟 Birth years for which this practice is especially beneficial in 2023 are:

1923 Boar, 1924 Mouse, 1925 Ox, 1926 Tiger, 1927 Hare, 1928 Dragon, 1931 Sheep, 1934 Dog, 1935 Boar, 1936 Mouse, 1937 Ox, 1938 Tiger, 1939 Hare, 1940 Dragon, 1943 Sheep, 1946 Dog, 1947 Boar, 1948 Mouse, 1949 Ox, 1950 Tiger, 1951 Hare, 1952 Dragon, 1955 Sheep, 1958 Dog, 1959 Boar, 1960 Mouse, 1961 Ox, 1962 Tiger, 1963 Hare, 1964 Dragon, 1967 Sheep, 1970 Dog, 1971 Boar, 1972 Mouse, 1973 Ox, 1974 Tiger, 1975 Hare, 1976 Dragon, 1979 Sheep, 1982 Dog, 1983 Boar, 1984 Mouse, 1985 Ox, 1986 Tiger, 1987 Hare, 1988 Dragon, 1991 Sheep, 1994 Dog, 1995 Boar, 1996 Mouse, 1997 Ox, 1998 Tiger, 1999 Hare, 2000 Dragon, 2003 Sheep, 2006 Dog, 2007 Boar, 2008 Mouse, 2009 Ox, 2010 Tiger, 2011 Hare, 2012 Dragon, 2015 Sheep, 2018 Dog, 2019 Boar, 2020 Mouse, 2021 Ox, 2022 Tiger, 2024 Dragon.

By buying fish you are saving their lives and also contributing to the activities of Shang Shung institute UK. 

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🐟🐟🐟Bank Transfer🐟🐟🐟

If you wish to donate by bank transfer to release an animal, please use 'FISH-RELEASE-2023' as a reference.

Visit this link to find all bank transfer details HERE

🐟🐟🐟Deadline for orders May 25th🐟🐟🐟

Send us an email with the amount of fish (1.20 EUR each / 1 GBP each) that you would like

to release and the total amount you have transferred to our bank account, to this email: jamyang.oliphant@shangshunguk.org

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