Fish release

2024 Fish Release

🐟On May 1st 2024, save the lives of fish awaiting slaughter.🐠

🐟In Tibetan this practice is known as 'tshe thar', life release. Here you can buy fish in Nepal. The fish will be blessed with mantras and given myong grol (liberation through tasting), precious substances that give the animals a good cause for higher future rebirth. It is customary to save a number of animals equal to your age. So for example a 25 year old would save 25 fish. However, you can choose to save any number of animals that you want. Since a human being can commit no greater transgression than taking the life of another living being, by implication, there is no greater source of accumulating merit than saving life.

 🐟NOTE: It is especially beneficial to save fish if the astrological aspect relating to one's life force or 'sog' is negative in the current year. This depends on your year of birth.

As advised in the astrological system devised by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, in this current year those who are particularly advised to save lives are those people born in the following years (beware that the Tibetan lunar year usually starts in February or March so you must check exactly in which year his birth is considered to have taken place in):

🐟 Birth years for which this practice is especially beneficial in 2024 are:

Fire monkey (2016, 1956) wood monkey (2004, 1944) water monkey (1992, 1932) metal monkey (1980, 1920) earth monkey (1968); metal mouse (2020, 1960) earth mouse (2008, 1948) fire mouse (1996, 1936) wood mouse (1984, 1924) water mouse (1972); wood dragon (2024, 1964) water dragon (2012, 1952) metal dragon (2000, 1940) earth dragon (1988, 1928) fire dragon (1976).

By buying fish you are saving their lives and also contributing to the activities of Shang Shung institute UK. 


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🐠 Bank Transfer 🐠

If you wish to donate by bank transfer to release an animal, please use 'FISH-RELEASE-2024' as a reference.

🐟 Deadline for orders April 30th 🐟


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🐠 Thank You! 🐠

With to your donation you are saving the lives of animals destined for slaughter and also contributing to the activities of the Shang Shung UK Institute for the dissemination of Tibetan culture in the world!

Sonam tsering, 2021

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