Festival of Mind 2019: The Nature of Emotions

Learn how to work with your emotions in life-enhancing ways

London, 10th May 2019
Project Director: Julia Lawless, Director of Tibetan Culture ATI Foundation & SSIUK.


“Tibetan culture is something we can all appreciate and treasure for its modern ethical values, which are very applicable to today’s society in many different fields. For that reason we need to preserve it, since in the near future we will need more and more access to this kind of knowledge and wisdom.” - Yuchen Namkhai

The mission of the International Ati Yoga Foundation as established by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 2018 is to bring a sense of human enrichment to future generations. The rich, spiritual wisdom that is intrinsic to the Tibetan way of life can not only make an invaluable contribution to our lives today … but also to future society. This is especially true in relation to the study of the mind, as is illustrated by the popularity of ‘mindfulness’ in the West today, whose original source is classical Buddhist knowledge.

The aim of Buddhism is to show the way to liberation from suffering and the promotion of human happiness. This is of universal relevance to everyone, regardless of age, the time in which they live, or their culture. Such principles are especially valuable in helping us to face the many contemporary problems that are instrumental in causing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety, especially amongst young people. The aim of the Festival of Mind is to explore and communicate these principles to the wider community today in contemporary and sustainable ways. Our objective is to make this a yearly event, held in London during spring, each year focusing on a different theme.

Festival of Mind 2019: ‘The Nature of Emotions’

Festival of Mind 2019

Festival of Mind 2019

Following on from our successful Festival of Mind (May 2018), which focussed on the theme of ‘Mindfulness: Past Present & Future’, our 2019 Festival will explore the theme of ‘Working with our Emotions’. The range of human emotions is vast and the role they play in our daily life experience is extremely far reaching! They are the cause for our most profound moments of joy as well as providing the inspiration behind our greatest artistic masterpieces … yet negative emotions can also cause depression, anger or bring us to the very depths of despair. Our emotions impact us directly at every moment in our lives … yet what are we taught at school or college about how to deal with them?

From a Buddhist perspective, our emotions can be viewed in many different ways: in Sutra, it is taught that emotions are best held in check & controlled; according to tantra, they are to be enjoyed and even amplified; from a Dzogchen point of view, they are to be consciously recognised and acknowledged, so they ‘self-liberate’ automatically. From a Western psychological perspective, emotions have also been seen in a variety of ways: Melanie Klein saw them as our working ‘toolbox’; Carl Jung as guides of the unconscious; whereas Daniel Goleman has presented them as an invaluable, intelligent human resource. Key international speakers from both Buddhist and Western psychological fields will be invited to talk & discuss these themes as well as to offer everyday solutions as to how to work with our emotions in positive, life-enhancing ways.


Reception: £1000
Speakers Costs: £2,500
Admin Costs: £1,500

Total: £5000

Currently Raised: £1500


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