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Yantra Yoga for Beginners

Yantra Yoga 8 Week Beginners Course

with John Renshaw

If you are new to Yantra Yoga you can find a lot of information and a short video here to see if it is suitable for you: http://www.yantrayoga.net/

There are also very good books available: Click Here

  • For new people that wish to join a class, please email John directly (johnyogamed@gmail.com) and he will send you some background reading material containing some of the main concepts and terminology that are frequently used in order to save time during the class on explanations.
  • If you are attending a session for the first time, for safety reasons it would be useful to explain to John briefly if you have any particular medical issues or injuries that he should know about, It will also help John to suggest the most appropriate modifications for you.

About the Instructor

John Renshaw  is an authorised Yantra Yoga 2nd Level instructor and has been teaching Yoga since 1987, running regular classes, short courses and residential on different yoga and meditation subjects in UK and internationally. Trained as Yoga Therapy for Mental Health teacher, Minded institute specializing in the treatment of stress, depression, anxiety. Practitioner of Acupuncture herbal medicine, and Bodywork therapist.
M.B.ACc. M.R.C.H.M. Dip Ac. CL; Ac (Nanjing).

Payments / Booking

Dana / donation based, pay what you can afford – recommended donation is £10 per session. If you prefer to pay monthly that’s x4 or if you pay in full the 8 week beginners course then suggested donation of £70

Please send John an email clarifying which class and how many sessions you want to participate in. johnyogamed@gmail.com

Dana/Donation link


Beneficiary: John Renshaw
Reference: your name
Beneficiary address:
Flat 2, 56 Hormead Road, W9 3NQ, London, GB


The Zoom link for this event will be provided by John to you once you have made your booking directly with him.


9 easy steps to get the most out of your experience:

  1. Download a copy of Zoom to your laptop or smartphone, or you can access it from your web browser: Click Here
  2. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, and have sufficient space to move without knocking into any furniture , a yoga mat or suitable carpet, yoga blocks or a few different sized  cushions to help modify your posture.
  3. Check you have a solid internet connection in order to get the best out of the experience.
  4. Use a good quality set of speakers to make sure you can hear the webinar.
  5. Don’t eat heavily before the session, ideally 2 hours after food.
  6. Have some paper and a pen handy if taking notes are useful
  7. I may need to mute your sound as it can interfere with the overall quality of sound If you have a question please raise your hand and I’ll unmute you, I encourage questions and there will be moments for sharing experiences.
  8. Adjust background lighting so it’s not too bright, otherwise you will only appear as a silhouette, and use some form of spotlight/lighting on you so the teacher can see you clearly and offer appropriate advice and feedback.
  9. Have available yoga blocks or a variety of cushion sizes to help modify positions, and posture , yoga strap or scarf ,and  2 small towels rolled up to help adjustments.

On most computers just clicking on the link puts you into the waiting room if your early, or  Simply click on the link and input the code and password and you will then arrive at the virtual classroom.  If you have a computer the link will take you to the Zoom website.
If you have an iPad, download the Zoom app before class.

Recording the sessions

John will record the sessions with host only view so you can download the session or John can also allow you to record directly.