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Refuge & Bodhicitta: what do they really mean?

The UK Gakyil is delighted to host a teaching weekend with qualified SMS instructor Gabriella Schneider – on Saturday 19th & Sunday 10th February 2022. We will do two sessions a day – 10am to 12noon and 2pm to 4pm UK time.

Gabriella Schneider has been a student of Rinpoche since 1998. She passed the SMS Base Exam in 2007 and Level I Exam in 2010. She was authorized by Rinpoche to be an instructor for the Base Level in 2016.What do Refuge and Bodhicitta really mean – when we chant NAMO GURUBHYA, NAMO DEVABHYA, NAMO DAKKHINI BHYA?

We will explore these two topics in theory and practice. Though often considered to be preliminaries, a true understanding of Refuge and Bodhicitta is a key that opens the door to the all-pervading space which is our real condition.

The true principle of Refuge is linked to the intention of taking up a spiritual path that leads to realization. We will discuss and apply the outer, inner and secret meanings.

The principle of Bodhicitta is also linked to one’s intention. We will discuss and apply the relative and absolute aspects. As Rinpoche said, “True Bodhicitta consists in understanding one’s own condition.”

The weekend is open to those who have received transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or his son Khyentse Yeshi Namkhai – and also to those who have a sincere intention to receive transmission.

Please register on the Google form & press SUBMIT and you will receive the Zoom link.

Voluntary donation only. The suggested donation is £10 per day or £20 for the whole weekend. Don’t feel obliged to pay anything, if that is difficult!

Please make any donations via this Paypal link.