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Spring Yoga Weekend: Workshop with John Renshaw

Online  and On-site at Lekdanling !

Saturday & Sunday 2-3  April: 10am-12.30pm & 2.30pm- 5pm


As we enter Spring, we seek to unfold with internal growth after protecting ourselves in winter. Yoga is particularly beneficial in helping to reinvigorate ourselves with fresh energy, especially when it combines a physical approach with breathing techniques. We all tend to breathe in a way that responds to our life experiences in a reactive mode because it is connected to parts of our nervous system and primitive brain that evolved primarily for survival! The winter period of uncertainty has exposed many people to extra levels of stress, where this ‘fight or flight’ mode of our conditioned breathing has caused many of us to experience a heightened level of reactive emotions and responses.

This weekend is inspired by yoga in its broad sense, as well as by yantra yoga, a specific form of yogic practice which works with fluid movements in coordination with our breathing.

During this weekend workshop we will be learning how to move and breathe naturally with mindfulness, using easy exercises and postures inspired by yoga methods. This course is suitable for all ages and for all levels of yogic experience, both beginners and those who are already practising a form of yoga.

A note from the instructor John Renshaw

As an acupuncturist, herbalist and bodywork therapist, I’ve noticed that many people today are suffering from increased levels of fear,  anger, grief, disappointment, anxiety and depression: but often they are not aware of the insidious, slow development of these factors … they have simply become the new norm. So it’s very useful to first acknowledge our condition and become aware of how and where in our body and energy we have been effected directly or indirectly before we begin practice sessions.

***Although all levels are welcome to join the class, please do get in touch with us in advance if you have any health issues such as high blood pressure, injuries etc. This way we can prepare for any modifications that may be needed that will be suitable for you. 

About the instructor: 

John Renshaw  is an authorised Yantra Yoga 2nd Level instructor and has been teaching Yoga since 1987, running regular classes, short courses and residential on different yoga and meditation subjects in UK and internationally. Trained as Yoga Therapy for Mental Health teacher, Minded institute specializing in the treatment of stress, depression, anxiety. Practitioner of Acupuncture herbal medicine, and Bodywork therapist.
M.B.ACc. M.R.C.H.M. Dip Ac. CL; Ac (Nanjing).