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Weekend Workshop Meditation for Daily Life Module 6: Exploring Emptiness (ENG/FRA/ESP)

This six part modular training is aimed at helping us to bring greater conscious awareness into our daily lives by learning different approaches to meditation. Having greater presence and awareness regarding the movements of our mind, our emotions and the motivation behind our actions, has many essential benefits: it shines a light into our inner existence by gradually introducing a new level of clarity into our perception of the world, thereby helping to dissolve personal confusion and distress. Becoming more familiar with ourselves through this process of self-discovery can help us to live a more meaningful, happier life and also enable us to bring benefit to others. The whole training will be in 6 modules, where one module takes place over a long weekend every two months, with suggested ‘homework’ and refresher sessions in between.

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PROGRAMME Module 6: Exploring Emptiness
A true understanding of emptiness is the culmination of the Sutra path as exemplified by the sixth Paramita: ‘The Perfection of Wisdom’ or ‘Prajnaparamita’. With this knowledge we come to realise the innate interdependence of all phenomena, and that the emptiness which permeates all of existence is itself the openness which allows for limitless potentiality to manifest. As the Heart Sutra expresses so beautifully, form and emptiness are merely two sides of the same coin, since one cannot exist without the other. Emptiness is like the blue sky which provide the space for all existence to manifest, like the womb of the Great Mother. Far from being a nihilistic or negative concept, emptiness is therefore the very base for both inner & outer creativity to take place.
Friday 19th November 5.30pm – 7pm: ‘Introduction to Exploring Emptiness’ with Gabriella Dalesio
Saturday 20th November 9.30am -11am: ‘Perceptions of the Empty Mind’ with Monica Gentile
Saturday 20th November 2.30pm – 4pm: ‘ Being Present & Aware of Interdependence’ with Gabriella Schneider
Sunday 21st November  9.30am -11am: ‘Our Experience of Emptiness in Daily Life’ with Stoffelina Verdonk
Sunday 21st November 2.30pm – 4pm: ‘The Benefits & Liberating Quality of the Principle of Emptiness’ with Lukas Chmelik
NOTE: Follow-up sessions on Sunday mornings for ‘Exploring Emptiness’.  Shang Shung UK Event produced in collaboration with Dzamling Gar & the AtiYoga Foundation

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