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Light of Kailash Lecture 14: The Life and Liberation of Nyagla Pema Düdül

The Life and Liberation of Nyagla Pema Düdül

A biographical survey of a Tibetan yogin, his spiritual transmission and his realization.

With Dr. Oriol Aguilar

***Online Via Zoom and on site at Merigar West, Italy.*** (18:30 local time – 17:30 UK time)

This eminent realised master, according to Dzogchen tradition, has arrived among us at this time as a special kind of spiritual guide. His eminence and renown were not acquired through the recognition of his being an important reincarnation, or his acknowledgement in diverse orders of Tibetan Buddhism, nor his link to some important monastery.
His destined status as a guru was attained through his own perseverance, understanding and realization, before his recognition as a realized practitioner by certain important lamas.  His biography describes openly and in a naked light, his experience of very complex situations in a life of sorrow. it tells of his liberation from sorrow;  this evolution from living a life of social marginalisation to one bestowing light on society through wisdom. His realization of the body of light at the end of his life seals the authenticity of this master’s completion of his spiritual journey. The text also describes situations of historical and social interest, being a trustworthy mirror of XIX century Tibet.

About the speaker

Dr Oriol Aguilar is an anthropologist and translator of Tibetan texts. He completed his PHD thesis in 2005, in the UA of Barcelona. He studied under Chogyal Namkhai Norbu since 1987.