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Light of Kailash Lecture 12: Health and Time in Indo-Tibetan Medical Traditions

Health and Time in Indo-Tibetan Medical Traditions with Dr. Eric Rosenbush

Saturday April 13th, 10AM UK time.

Existence is temporal. From a breath to a year to a lifetime, life is pervaded by cycles. Our experiences are formed by interactions between time and the space of the world around us. This talk will explore the interface between health and time through the medical traditions of Tibet (Sowa Rigpa) and India (Āyurveda). Cycles of the sun, moon, and earth are experienced in temporal slots of days, months, and seasons. Aligned to these, we will experience health. Out of sync, disorders can arise. This is true for every living being and the biosphere as a whole. Just as each biome on the Earth has unique seasonal patterns and climatic qualities; in the same way every individual has their own constitutional terrain and dynamics. Through knowing this, we can adapt and work within our experience of temporality for optimal health and longevity.

About the Speaker

Dr. Eric Rosenbush has devoted his life to the ancient sciences of Asia. This has led him to into a lifelong cultivation of their transmissions and texts, learning at the feet of living masters holding classical lineages of Tibetan, Chinese, and Āyurvedic medicines, and Jyotiṣha. He has completed advanced training programs these systems over the last two decades. Eric currently lives in South Asia, where he practices, researches, and teaches.

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