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GATEWAY TO THE TEACHINGS: The Words of the Great Masters MODULE II

25-27 March 2022 ONLINE via ZOOM

ZOOM LINK FOR THE SESSION: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89873179854

Password: 123

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A six part modular programme introducing Buddhism and exploring its relevance & value for our lives today. 

This training programme is based on a text ‘Gateway to the Teachings’ (as yet unpublished) by the great Dzogchen Master, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, which serves as an introduction to the main principles of the Buddhist Teachings. It also provides a foundation for understanding the Dzogchen approach in the context of Buddhism as a whole. The aim and methodology for this programme is to read and discuss the text in order to understand its relevance to our lives today. The course will incorporate teaching, study and practice using the text ‘Gateway to the Teachings’ as the basis. The programme will consist of six weekends at approximately eight week intervals with weekly practice sessions on Sunday mornings. This course also serves as a follow-up training programme to the earlier modular sessions on ‘Meditation for Daily Life’. All participants will receive an online copy of the ‘Gateway to the Teachings’ upon registration.


Dharma: The True Nature of Reality

This second weekend will provide an overview of the ‘Six Dharmas’: the key points for entering the Buddhist teachings. What does ‘Dharma’ mean? ‘Dharma’ is originally a Sanskrit word that literally translates as ‘right direction’ or ‘righteous living’, but essentially the term ‘dharma’ has a deeper meaning referring to an understanding of our real purpose in being alive. Within the Tibetan Buddhist and Dzogchen tradition, ‘dharma’ can also mean ‘the true nature of reality’ or simply ‘existence’ itself. The six ‘dharmas’ therefore provide a guide by which we can comprehend reality itself and a means by which we can orientate ourselves in our daily lives. This programme aims to introduce all these points in both a theoretic and practical manner, both over the weekend and within the follow-up sessions on Sunday mornings. Topics covered in Module Two can be found in Chapter One, Part 11 of the ‘Gateway to the Teachings’. All instructors have been personally authorised to teach by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.


Spanish Translation available: other translations to be announced soon…

ScheduleMarch 25-27th 2022

NOTE All sessions are according to UK time! 

Friday 25th March 5.30pm – 7pm: ‘Introduction: Exploring the Nature of Reality ’ with Stoffelina Verdonk

Saturday 26th March 9.30am -11am: ‘Calming Body, Voice & Mind’ with Cheh Goh

Saturday 26th March 2.30pm – 4pm: ‘How to Stay Positive in Daily Life’ with Gabriella Schneider

Sunday 27th March  9.30am -11am: ‘The Strength of Truthful Self-Reflection’ with Monica Gentile

Sunday 27th March 2.30pm – 4pm: ‘The Value of an Authentic Teacher & Friends’ with Lukas Chmelik

NOTE: Follow Up Practice Sessions every Sunday at 9am (UK time) 

MODULE THREE: Refuge & Bodhicitta 

Dates to be announced shortly …

Hourly Schedule

25th March 2022

5:30pm - 7:30pm
Gateway to the Teachings
Session 1

26th March 2022

09:30am - 4:00pm
Gateway to the Teachings
Session 2

27th March 2022

09:30am - 4:00pm
Gateway to the Teachings
Session 3