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Get Back to Your Senses, a Breath/ Respira session with Maciek Sikora.

Get Back to Your Senses, a Breath/Respira session with Maciek Sikora. Sunday, 17th Sepetember, 10.00 – 11.15am on zoom.

“Smell is life’s oldest sense. Standing here alone, nostrils flaring, it occurs to me that breathing is so much more than just getting air into our bodies. It’s the most intimate connection to our surroundings.” James Nestor: Breath.

RESPIRA is a method that helps you deconstruct old breathing patterns and let go of the tension. It allows you to  liberate unhealthy habits and rediscover free, flowing breathing with clear presence of all its movements.⁠ Short and simple breathing exercises  are accessible to everybody with the aim to improve awareness, relaxation and quality of our daily experiences.  Exercises are simple and easy to follow.

Maciek Sikora has been teaching Respira since completing Teachers Training  in Feb 2020.  His clients range from people looking simply for relaxation  to those who deal with more severe health  issues like  anxiety, panic, asthma, allergies. He works on 1-2-1 bases as well as with groups. He ran Respira workshops for Shang Shung Institute UK.

He has experience of numerous  breathing techniques from Rebirthing, Holotropic breathing and various types of yoga.Besides Respira he has been teaching swimming combined with the Alexander Technique approach for almost 20 years, the work which helps the clients to integrate with the water element in a joyful manner and to release tensions and relax the breath.

Suggested donation: £15. Paypal link here. To take part in the session at Lekdanling, please contact Jowita Niedzielska.  Zoom details may be accessed via the Lekdanling WhatsApp group.