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SSIUK Lecture: What is Buddhist medicine? With Professor Pierce Salguero


27th February 2022, 3pm-4:30 pm (UK time)/starts  4pm ROME/ 10 AM NYC/ 8:30PM DELHI/ 10PM BANGKOK


ZOOM LINK https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84258505906

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The Buddhist tradition defines itself as a collection of philosophical and practical solutions to ameliorate suffering. Chief among the forms of suffering is illness, and Buddhist traditions worldwide have sought to address this central human problem. This talk explores the multifaceted tradition of “Buddhist medicine.” It introduces a range of Buddhist ideas, practices, and other cultural and social formations that Buddhists across the world have utilized in seeking health and preventing disease. This body of healing knowledge emerged via centuries of interplay, borrowing, and translation between Asian cultures in the premodern period, and is now practiced all over the world in diverse and locally-specific ways.

About the speaker: 

Pierce is a transdisciplinary scholar of health humanities who is fascinated by historical and contemporary intersections between Buddhism, medicine, and crosscultural exchange. He has a Ph.D. in History of Medicine from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (2010), and teach Asian history, medicine, and religion at Penn State University’s Abington College, located near Philadelphia. The major theme in his scholarship is discovering the role of Buddhism in the global transmission and local reception of knowledge about health, disease, and the body. He approaches this topic using methodologies from history, religious studies, translation studies, and literary studies. More recently, he has also gotten into ethnography and documentary filmmaking.