Breathing for Health

An Introductory workshop to the ‘Respira’ method.
with Maciek Sikora and Svetlana Vajnine

October Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st
Times both days: 10am-12am (UK time)


Breathing for Health

During the workshop we will look at the way we breathe. Breathing is essential for our overall sense of well-being and it is an area which has been attracting an increasing amount of scientific research recently due to its vital role in governing our health. Through a series of simple and accessible exercises we will learn how to help our breathing to become more efficient, smooth and relaxed. The exercises are simple to perform, and although they are not challenging, they can have a profound effect on our life.

‘By the law of averages, you will take 670 million breaths in your lifetime. Maybe you’ve already taken half of those. Maybe you’re on breath 669,000,000. Maybe you’d like to take a few million more.’ James Nestor

‘Respira’ is a method that helps us to deconstruct our old breathing patterns and let go of underlying tensions. It allows us to rediscover how to enjoy the natural rhythm of our breath. In order to liberate our breathing from unhealthy habits, and to just let it be, we need to learn how to have a clear presence of all its movements.⁠

Breathing is the door to our energy: the bridge that connects our mind and body. If our body and energy are relaxed, our mind also becomes calm with little or no agitation. Conscious, mindful breathing together with mindful movements of our body and a correctly, aligned position allow an inner sense of harmony to naturally manifest.

The workshop is open to all and does not require any previous experience of breath work. You will simply need a yoga mat, comfortable floor space, or a chair and some dedicated time.

Maciek Sikora and Svetlana Vajnine are both certified Respira teachers, a technique created by Fabio Andrico: an experienced, authorised Yantra Yoga teacher of the Dzogchen Community, as founded by the late Tibetan Master, Prof Namkhai Norbu.

Maciek’s background is in swimming and Alexander Technique.
Svetlana’s background is in dance and Pilates. She is also an authorised ‘Khaita Joyful Dance’ instructor.