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Fish Release in Celebration of the Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche - 29th July 2020

Every year we offer the possibility for people to practice the practice of 'life release'. The release into freedom of animals that are awaiting slaughter. Traditionally people release the number of animals that corresponds to the age of the person. This is a way to create a good cause for the animal and to generate merits for the practitioner.

We are happy to share images of our 2020 fish release in celebration of the anniversary of Guru Rinpoche on the 29th July 2020. We bought and transported several thousand fish from a fish farm to a nearby lake, Begnas Thal, in Nepal. Before releasing the fish they were given Nyongdrol - liberation through tasting - holy water and mantras were recited. The fish are endemic to the area and will not cause disturbances in the ecosystem. Thank you all for participating!

Purchasing the Fish

Releasing the Fish

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