Dear Friends,

The Shang Shung Institute UK (SSIUK) is pleased to present a summary of the activities that our team of dedicated staff and volunteers have carried out over the past year, in accordance with the directives of the late Professor Namkhai Norbu. Our activities since Spring 2020 are presented here as well as our fundraising projects. This will give you an overview of our recent work: special features this past year include a collection of high profile Tibetan art lectures and workshops as well as the launch of the following new series:


Meditation in Daily Life: The Value of Presence and Awareness in 6 modules

The Four Practice Periods described by the Buddha: Sleeping, Sitting, Eating and Walking

Revisiting the Lives and Lineages of Buddhist and Bonpo Masters


Our heartfelt thanks go to our founder, the late Professor Namkhai Norbu for his vision, kindness and tireless dedication. We would also like to express our gratitude to our many supporters and donors who help the Shang Shung Institute UK (SSIUK) fulfill its mission to preserve, diffuse and promote Tibetan culture throughout the world.

The SSIUK is a nonprofit organisation that relies on your support to continue and develop. We hope that this report serves to inspire you, and we would like to invite you to actively participate in our work through donations, sponsorship and legacies. You can see details of how you may do this on our website:

With All Good Wishes,
Julia Lawless (Principle Director) & the Shang Shung UK Team