A Moving Meditation – Sacred Dance Workshop

Saturday 7th October 11am – 1pm

During this workshop, Cindy will introduce this unique movement practice, which is both a means of harmonising our energy and a complete path to enlightenment. Participants will have a chance to begin some of the movements and incantations.

Cindy Faulkner has been involved with movement and healing for 30 years. After a brief career as a professional dancer, she became interested in contemplative practice, studying and becoming an authorised teacher of Vajra Dance – a form of sacred dance -in 2005.

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Khiata Joyful Dances Workshop

Saturday 7th October, 3-5pm

Khaita is a project by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche dedicated to preserving Tibetan culture and knowledge.  In recent years, Rinpoche has devoted Himself to compiling songs and dances by young Tibetan artists who, with courage and devotion, celebrate the qualities and characteristics of Tibet and its’ people.

Khaita is also a training in mindfulness. Space is something that includes everything, positive and negative, while harmony implies that we are moving with joy. The idea behind Khaita is that movement is life, and it is good for physical health but also for the mind.  While we are dancing, we cannot think about our problems, our mind does not indulge in confusion and it can relax.  Khaita aims to promote harmony within the individual and between people and their environment through dance, this powerful and joyful tool. 

During the workshop we will study some basic steps and learn 2-3 circle dances that we can then enjoy dancing together during the evening party.  Both beginners and advanced dancers are welcome – beginners will learn the basics while more advanced dancers can brush up their moves.

Lena Dumcheva – Khaita

Lena Dumcheva has studied under the guidance of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche since 2002.  Having discovered Khaita as a perfect synergy of her devotion to Tibetan spiritual Teachings, her keen interest in Tibetan culture and her love for dance, Lena is now collaborating in various Khaita activities: workshops, performances, supporting materials and cultural studies.

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Saturday 7th October, from 6pm onwards, All Welcome. Free entry!

Party with live Performances by Ngawang & the Namlo Band with special appearance of Himalayan female dancers and food (momos etc) by Yak Bites

Sacred Sounds Workshop

Sunday 8th October 11am – 1pm

The human voice is the most powerful instrument in the universe. In this workshop, incorporating practices with the body and the breath, Jon will demonstrate how the voice can be used in different ways, alone or in conjunction with different instruments, helping you to discover your own voice and the healing power within.

Jon Kwan

Jon Kwan is a sound therapist with over 30 years of musical experience and over 10 years of study and practice in yoga, tai chi, shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism.

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Khöömii & Mongolian Music Concert and Workshop

Sunday 8th October, 3pm – 5pm

There will be a short concert followed by a Mongolian Overtone Singing workshop which is open to anyone who wished to explore their voice in a friendly and informative way.

Michael Ormiston

Michael Ormiston is the UK’s most experienced Mongolian Khöömii (Overtone) Singer, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, inspirational teacher, workshop leader and therapeutic sound practitioner. He travelled to west Mongolia in 1993 to study Khöömii with herdsman and expert singer Tserendavaa. During his six times in Mongolia he also studied with leading singers, Tsengedorj, Ganbold, Gereltsolt and Tsogtbaatar and has the rare privilege of being blessed to teach Khöömii by Tserendavaa and Gereltsogt which he has been doing internationally for the past 20 years. He has taught Khöömii on the SOAS World music summer school for the past 14 years as well as individually teaching ethnomusicology students at SOAS, Goldsmith College, University of London & ADEM Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie Geneva. In 2011, Michael in conjunction with SOAS and The Embassy of Mongolia organised, lectured and performed at the Inaugural European Mongolian Khöömii Festival in London.

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