Arts and Crafts

Sacred art is considered to be one of the most important aspects of traditional Tibetan culture, since it embodies all activities of Body, Speech and Mind.

The dimension of our ‘Body’ manifests as sculpture, traditional thangka painting, carving and so on. Courses in this area include iconometry, iconography, mythology, materials, techniques and so forth. The practices of Yantra Yoga and Sacred Dance are also included in this area.

In relation to the dimension of ‘Speech’, this Faculty will offer courses in calligraphy. This will include a study of the development of various Tibetan and Indian calligraphic styles such as the ‘lantsa’ script, ‘dbu can’ and ‘dbu med’. Ancillary courses will also include drama.

The dimension of ‘Mind’ is related to the construction of Stūpas. This science also includes architecture, tailoring, jewellery and so forth.



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