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The London Centre is the future home of Shang Shung Institute UK activities in London.  As a multi-cultural, vibrant, global City, London is home to many people who are interested in our activities; both permanent and visiting.  With a rich and open academic history, London holds a number of the world's most important learning institutions, which makes it an ideal location for a Centre devoted to hosting courses, seminars, Tibetan Buddhist, Cultural, Medical and other events.     It is our intention to make a Centre that allows those from all countries visiting London to feel immediately at home and connected with a place for learning and practicing ancient knowledge aimed at essential spiritual development. Please help us to realise this important project for the Shang Shung Institute UK. Our fund raising projects for the London Centre will continue through to the end of 2014. If we are successful in obtaining our target of £300,000, the London Centre will look to be established in 2015.

We gratefully welcome your participation.

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The best way to support the Shang Shung Institute UK is by setting up a Standing Order for as little as £2 per month. Support through standing orders reduces administration costs, so more of your money goes into the Shang Shung Institute projects.


If you would like to consider leaving the Shang Shung Institute UK a bequest in your Will so that you can continue to support us after you have departed, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for instructions.

The Shang Shung Institute UK celebrates the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Tibet through educational programmes and academic lectures. The Institute is a not for profit organisation that depends largely on donations in order to enable its projects.

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  • Costs of Guest Lecturer Travel and Sundries
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