History of Tibetan Medicine with Menpa (Dr.) Yang Ga
in association with Shang Shung Institute USA

18 hours of teachings that originally took place from May 7-9, 2010.

Price: $125 to attend by on-demand webcast.

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The Tibetan science of healing contains knowledge compiled and disseminated since antiquity by the Tibetan people. One of the oldest continuously applied healing systems on the planet, Tibetan Medicine remains a vital and living tradition.

Evolving over many centuries, Tibetan healers gradually created new techniques for protecting life, which increased the productive work and happiness of individuals, and treated illness. Students will be introduced to the historical origin and developments of the Tibetan medical tradition, with an emphasis on how the key topics evolved to their present stage.

Menpa (Dr.) Yang Ga

At the age of 20 Menpa Yang Ga enrolled in the Department of Tibetan Medicine at the Tibet University in Lhasa, where he studied Buddhist philosophy, Tibetan Medicine, Astrology, Grammar, Poetry, and History, as well as Sanskrit. He studied with the late Khenpo Tsenam, the late Khenpo Tsultrim Gyaltsen, Professor Champa Triles, Professor Gojo Wangdu, and the late professor Samten. In 1991 he graduated from Tibet University. Upon graduation, Khenpo Tsenam, the vice president, appointed him as a teacher of Tibetan medicine at the college.

In September, 1999 he became one of the first students to begin a Masters Degree in Tibetan medicine. Under Khenpo Tsenam's supervision in 2002 he finished his thesis and received his Masters. In September, 2003, he enrolled in Harvard University, and presently he is completing the final stages of a PhD program in the department of Inner Asian and Altaic Studies under Professor Janet Gyatso's supervision.

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