The London Institute of Tibetan Studies acts as a forum for Tibetan academic knowledge and facilitates its development through public talks, conferences, short courses and online resources. The Institute also offers courses related with Tibetan culture based on the the Five Great Fields of Knowledge such as the Arts, Language, Medicine, Philosophy, Buddhist Studies and Meditation.

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VESAK 2017

Dear friends,

On June 1st we did a fish release in Nepal, in the Trishuli river.
A total of 50kgs, around 19,250 fish, were released, may this meritorious action be beneficial to everyone!
The fish were fed myong drol, sacred substances which were empowered with mantras to give the fish a blessing before being released.

Please find videos to download here , here and here

Thank you for your participation!
All good wishes,
The Shang Shung UK team

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